In line with our missions to promote both free health care and awareness and road safety awareness and in our continuous efforts to bring forth a fundamental change to the Lebanese children and youth, we at GNK Foundation decided to take road safety awareness one step further.
We have materialized this awareness into a state of the art Academy which delivers to a vast slice of the young Lebanese all they need to know about rules and ethics of road safety and instills in them early and solid road safety education. More...

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Process of registration at GNK Traffic Academy is divided into two categories: school registration and individual registration. Schools or individuals are requested to fill in forms in which certain information about student profiles and date of the school visit are required. Upon registering, the academy’s personnel will confirm the date of the visit of that the registered person or group.


Interested candidates can register through the website and reserve a session at the Academy.


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GNK Traffic Academy, located in Kfarhazir, Al Koura, very close to the death path of Georges, incorporates within its structure 2 main parts: GNK TRAFFIC BUILDING and GNK TRAFFIC GARDEN.

GNK Traffic Building: the Academy’s building erects with sophistication to reflect the high level of professionalism that the Academyattains. The two story building accommodates up to 100 students per day, five days a week. It contains within it 2 reception areas, a conference room, a computer room, a simulator room, a library, administration and secretarial sections, 8 bathrooms, 2 kitchenettes, a terrace, 2 storage areas and a security guard house.

GNK Traffic Garden: This structure represents a network of roads, roundabouts, crossings, a pedestrian lane, traffic lights, road signs, BIRO cars storage room, green and flower spaces and a fence. In this area, students drive electric BIRO cars under the supervision of coaches and follow multiple driving and pedestrian scenarios.

Mission, Vision and Objectives


GNK Traffic Academy’s primary objective is to generate and sustain road safety awareness within the community. The Academy seeks to instill ethics and rules of safe driving in generations of 3-18 year Lebanese children and young adolescents by educating them about in-car and pedestrian safety measures through an accredited integrated and interactive E-learning and simulator based curriculum.


GNK Foundation is taking road safety into another level by introducing GNK Traffic Academy. The academy’s mission is dedicated to reduce crashes, deaths and disabling injuries on our nation’s highways by promoting safe driving behavior through fostering a responsible attitude towards drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety. The Academy’s key objective is to promote knowledge and understanding of road traffic by producing documentaries, educational programs, and road /pedestrian safety campaigns.


History of the Academy

The initial road safety plan laid down by GNK Foundation in 2013 was establishing a traffic garden where 3-18 year old school children would learn practical driving using special cars under the supervision of trained instructors. However, following exhaustive research, visiting road safety facilities worldwide and thorough discussions among GNK Board members and global and regional traffic consultants, the idea of establishing a Road Safety Academy was decided upon in the year 2014.
The rationale was to introduce a solid accredited advanced e-learning based curriculum via a designated software and incorporating both theoretical and practical sessions in a student friendly manner. This transition from the Garden to the Academy stage was rendered possible with the hard work of several educators, an expert IT group and a curriculum certification team. GNK Foundation utilized valuable family resources as the main premises of the Academy.

Staff Directory

Adlette Inati Khoriaty - Phone:+961 3 228 033 ; Email:adlette.inati@lau.edu.lb
Nassim Khoriaty - Phone:+961 3 430 101 ; Email:Khorina@dm.net.lb
Jeneviève Hbayter - Phone : +961 71 974 227 ; Email : jeannehbayter@hotmail.com
Melissa Chalhoub - Phone: +961 76193690 ; Email: melessa_chalhoub@hotmail.com
Amanda Akkawi - Phone : +961 70 169 955 ; Email : amandaakkawi@hotmail.com
Dalia Nasr - Phone: +961 760106 275 ; Email: dalia.nasr@hotmail.com

Board Member Testimonials

Dr. Saba Kaissar Zreik Bio Sketch: Dr. Saba Kaissar Zreik holds a PhD in Law from Panthéon-Assas University, Paris and St. Joseph University Law School Beirut and has followed a Financial Management Program at INSEAD, France. He holds as well a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law and the Diploma of the Institute for International and Foreign Trade Law from Georgetown University Washington D.C., USA. He is the author of «Conventions reglementees en droit compare (Liban-France-USA) (2012), the manuscript editor of The Complete Works of the Poet of Al Fayha'a Saba Zreik (2012) and the author of «The Poet of Al Fayha'a Saba Zreik (18861974) in Few Pages…” (2014). Dr Zreik has also authored a rich collection of legal, political, religious and social publications and has had key interventions in leading local and global conferences.
Dr Zreik is currently Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Poet of Al Fayha'a Saba Zreik Cultural Foundation, Manager of Manal Consultancy SARL, Beirut, Lebanon, CEO, Board member and Legal Counsel of several Lebanese and foreign companies and NGOs. Dr Zreik is a member of multiple academic societies nationally and globally. He has received several recognitions and awards, the latest being that of the Fifth Tripolitan Scholars Conference (2015). He is married to Oumaya Abi Saab and has three daughters

Testimonial: While officials are fighting over the remains of a country which their dark claws almost turned into a corpse and while their greed is gnawing its bones, an elite of citizens appears and exposes with their pure hands the failure of the political class, concerning the lack of attention towards the citizens. However, the goodness instilled in two people I know is different from the evil dominating the world; they are Dr. Nassim Khoriaty and Dr. Adlette Inati Khoriaty. When they combined their innate impulse and created GNK Foundation, their tears haven’t dried yet but they were armed with rare determination and faith to tame the grief and dedicate it to show hope and smiles in their local and national environment. GNK Dispensary was the first activity of the Foundation, which the Khoriaty’s have built with knowledge and sacrifice alongside the support of other sincere doctors. Cancer and other chronic diseases’ patients, especially infants and children, have received a large share of medical care by Dr. Adlette who never deprived them from her large knowledge and advanced researches.
In line with their persistence in doing good deeds and preventing the largest number of people from suffering like they did, the Khoriatys extended the activity of their Foundation by establishing the “GNK Traffic Academy”. This unique educational facility will spread awareness about road safety ethics and rules and teach students according to sophisticated techniques and an advanced curriculum. This is a noble mission aiming at an ethical upbringing and it is developing in students a civic culture which is capable of reinforcing their involvement in the nonfunctional citizenship project in our country. Ten years have elapsed in the blink of an eye. This relatively young Foundation has risen, thanks to the effort of the Khoriatys, to become a pioneer Foundation on the national level. And no wonder it has distinguished itself. For when a pure heart is paired with the spirit of giving, ultimate accomplishment will definitely come to these talented people and settle in their hearts like a dear radiant visitor. We express to them our deepest appreciation and gratefulness and we owe them our escort, support and encouragement.

Dr. Michael Najjar Bio Sketch: Dr. Michael Najjar holds a PhD in civil engineering from Oklahoma State University. After many years spent abroad, he decided to move to Lebanon in 1990 when he joined the University of Balamand (UOB). At that time, UOB was still very young but he immediately felt that he belonged to this family. His path since that time is coupled with that of the university. He participated in founding the Faculties of Science and Engineering and was Dean of both Faculties at one time. He is Vice President for Development, Administration and Public Relations since 2006 and is still the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. He serves on the board of many Associations related to UOB and to the Koura community. He has been a board member of GNK foundation since 2013.

Testimonial: GNK Foundation is very dear to my heart; this is mainly due to the very special bond between our family and the Inati- Khoriaty families. I also truly believe in supporting this noble cause. We should all put our modest efforts together in order to make a difference in the future of our young generations.

Dr Nadia Cheaib Bio Sketch: Dr Nadia Cheaib, PharmD, PhD, is Founder, Owner and Chairwoman of Clinserv and Clingroup Holding, a leading group in healthcare R&D in Middle East and Africa, in terms of research design, implementation, writing, statistics, quality, logistics, communication, and management. She studied in France and founded there Clinserv where she gained wide expertise in research and its standards, design, strategy and regulations, and was consultant for Biotrial Paris and GSK Bio Brussels, and contributed in Europe and Middle East to over 350 research projects. Dr Cheaib is founding President of Clinacademy which allowed training for over 5000 medical staff in the Middle East. She also initiated and developed the concept of the social responsibility starting by Clingroup serving through its profit a foundation, Hope Mohamad Cheaib Foundation dedicated to major contribution in healthcare, education, women empowerment and hunger as per her father testament. She has received several Lebanese and international awards, mainly Lebanon Outstanding Woman (Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Social Economic Award (Banque du Liban), Geneva Quality Excellence Award and Dubai Forbes Most Impactful Arab Woman.

Testimonial: Having GNK Foundation in Lebanon is having hope that Lebanon is still fine. Meeting Dr Adlette Inati Khoriaty as President is meeting grace, devotion and kindness personalised in a woman. GNK Foundation is a role model for ethics, transparency, efficiency and vision. Keep up going higher. We are all beside you

Mrs. Zeina Nabahani Karami Bio Sketch: Mrs. Zeina Nabahani Karami, the wife of Deputy Ahmad Karami and the mother of 4 children, is a prominent social reformer, a humanitarian and a peace promoter. She has founded Jamiaat Al Likaa Al Nissai Al Khayri, which helps to prevent children from dropping out of school and to empower women through social and economic development projects in underprivileged areas of Tripoli, North Lebanon.

Testimonial: Over the past ten years, GNK Foundation has targeted vital educational, health and road safety issues facing the young Lebanese generation. Its achievements have been outstanding and delivered in a highly professional and humanitarian manner. To me, this Foundation is a role model in providing expert and silent medical care to all and in initiating an ambitious and highly educational road safety program - GNK Traffic Academy. To its founder Dr Adlette Inati Khoriaty, I say: I love you dearly and I salute your courage, positivity and determination.

Deputy Ahmad Karami Bio Sketch: Deputy Ahmad Karami and the mother of 4 children, is a prominent social reformer, a humanitarian and a peace promoter. She has founded Jamiaat Al Likaa Al Nissai Al Khayri, which helps to prevent children from dropping out of school and to empower women through social and economic development projects in underprivileged areas of Tripoli, North Lebanon. Dr Nassim Khoriaty received his Medical Degree from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon. He did his fellowship in Urology at the University of Montreal, Canada and then returned to Lebanon to practice Urology in Nini Hospital, Tripoli and in St Georges hospital in Beirut. Currently, Dr Khoriaty is the Head of the Division of Urology at Nini Hospital and runs one of the largest urology clinics in North Lebanon. Dr Khoriaty is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and a member of multiple international scientific societies. He has published in peer review journal and is an invited speaker in local and regional meetings. He was awarded an Honorary Medal from the French Lebanese Medical Association in 2008. Dr Khoriaty is Past President of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Tripoli, North Lebanon, the Surgical Society of North Lebanon and the Lebanese Association of Free Professions. He was also the President of GNK Foundation and is currently the Director of GNK Dispensary.

Testimonial: Where shall I start? The evening of Nov 11, 2005 was a date that will remain forever imprinted deep in my heart. The news of losing my youngest son Georges in a car accident was so overwhelming and agonizing. How could the life and aspirations of such a vibrant, joyful, optimistic, ambitious and giving young man be ended so quickly? Why should Georges who loved life and living, adored and cherished friends and friendship, stood by the under privileged and the sick suffer such an unjust destination? For weeks, I was meditating and spending sleepless nights trying to find answers to my questions but I could not find any. My deep faith in the judgement of the Almighty and my wife Adlette who decided right away to convert her intense loss into a brave and positive move were my consolation. Very shortly after Georges’ death, we as a family took the initiative of creating a foundation to take care of the major issues facing Lebanese children and adolescents. We wanted to save young lives that are being ended due to two preventable causes: health problems and car accidents. We were deeply touched by the positive support of friends and community and felt so grateful for this blessing. This year happens to mark 10 years of achievements at GNK Foundation, initially starting in health and recently culminating in road safety through GNK Traffic Academy. What made us continue and progress in our mission of saving and promoting young Lebanese lives is our firm belief in the versatile potentials of the youth and the unconditional and compassionate support we have been receiving from friends, colleagues and members of the Board. Our special appreciation goes to Credit bank that had a monumental input in the road safety section. To all GNK friends and supporters, I extend my genuine gratitude. Your helping hands have kept GNK going and have changed the course of so many young lives. To my beloved Georges, you remain so much alive within me and your legacy is beautifully carried on through the multiple projects established in your memory by the Foundation carrying your name.

Mrs. Juju Chahine Bio Sketch: Mrs. Juju Chahine is a devoted housewife and a mother of 3 children. She has a history of volunteering in Texas, USA particularly in old people homes in the mid-eighties and in Saudi Arabia along with the Lebanese Embassy in the early nineties. In Lebanon, she has done fund raising for the Lebanese Red Cross. Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon and Saint Elias Orthodox Church in Rabieh. Mrs. Chahine has also worked closely with Green Garden Group to create public gardens in several regions in Lebanon.

Testimonial: I strongly believe in educating and investing in young generations to help them attain a better future. I am very passionate about GNK Foundation and its multiple humanitarian achievements in both health and road safety. GNK Traffic Academy, the most recent achievement of GNK Foundation, is a pioneering educational and national project which is expected to save many young and productive lives in Lebanon. As a Board member, I am so excited to be part of this Foundation which has been significantly contributing to creating a healthier, safer and a more fulfilled young generation in Lebanon.

Mrs. Sadika Kebbi Bio Sketch: Mrs. Sadika Kebbi holds two Bachelor Degrees, one in Political Science and Public Administration from the American University of Beirut and another in English Literature from the Lebanese University. She also has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Balamand, a teaching diploma from the Lebanese University, and two certificates in advanced bronze communicator from Toastmasters International and in training of trainers from Phi-management. She is an English instructor, a consultant, a trainer, a personal coach, and a public speaker, but most importantly an eternal student of human nature. Her work with various NGOs has exposed her to the best and the worst in people from all walks of life. Mrs. Kebbi’s experiences are reflected in her short stories and in her speeches which she has been sharing with Toastmasters for three years now.

Testimonial: When George Nassim Khoriaty’s family founded GNK Foundation, they established and provided a home for the sick, the needy and many more. They extended a helpful hand to many Lebanese families from all walks of life. Religion, race, nationality, or any other differences are nonexistent in such a Foundation. Its benefactors went way beyond the human boundaries and created that missing bond among many humans in the area. If I want to summarize GNK’s values, I would simply say they represent George’s pure heart.

Mrs. Mimi Makari Bio Sketch: Mrs. Mimi Makari holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Studies and Public Administration from the American University of Beirut. She is married to Mr. Makarem Makari and is the mother of three children. Mrs Makari is deeply involved in community service and public engagement particularly in El Koura, North Lebanon. She has founded Lijnat Mahrajanet Anfe and has contributed significantly to highlighting the historical and cultural parts of Anfe village in El Koura, North Lebanon.

Testimonial: I am deeply honored to work for a great cause carried out by a great lady

Mr. Naim Khoriaty Bio Sketch: Mr. Naim Khoriaty, received his Master’s degree in Architecture in 1967. He has been a founding member of the Architecture section in North Lebanon at the Lebanese University, 3rd branch in Tripoli where he has taught Architecture for 25 years. He has extensive experience in multiple fields related to Architecture and engineering, such as design, coordination, project management and supervision. His company, BANAKO – Naim Khoriaty s.a.r.l. has the highest ranking at the Ministry of Public Works and at the CDR (Council for Development and Reconstruction) as an Architecture and Engineering consultancy company. Mr. Khoriaty has been the vice-president for the El-Mina municipality and a member of its board council for 31 years. He was a board member at the Order of Engineers and Architects in North Lebanon for a four year mandate in 1988 and was a charter president for the scientific association for developing El Mina, and the “Anciens du College GrecqueOrthodoxe”. Mr. Khoriaty has participated in numerous workshops and seminars both nationally and internationally and is serving as a board member at GNK Foundation.

Testimonial: GNK Foundation is so dear to my heart because it was the outcome of a deeply agonizing experience that my brother Nassim and his family encountered after the loss of their 16 year old son Georges in a car accident. Georges, called Al Zaeem by his friends, was so dynamic, talented, joyful and giving. I miss him dearly but I feel so proud of the Foundation carrying his name. GNK Foundation is a pioneering association spreading both health and traffic awareness nationwide and targeting the young Lebanese. It is contributing significantly to the welfare of young generations by minimizing the risk of traffic accidents and diseases.

Mrs. Samar Akar Maalouf Bio Sketch: Mrs. Samar Akar Maalouf holds a Bachelor degree in Business and Marketing from Notre Dame University. She also has an ISO 9001:2000 series Foundation Training license. Mrs. Maalouf is the founder and owner of the solar energy project - Kypros solar. Mrs. Maalouf has a long history of commitment to social and humanitarian missions in North Lebanon.

Testimonial: A major objective of GNK Foundation is to help sick children by providing them free and comprehensive medical support by an expert team of health specialists. GNK Foundation has been offering such health services in a silent way and without any media coverage out of The Khoriaty Inati firm religious and familial conviction that your “right hand must not know what your left hand is doing”. With the increasing number of young Lebanese deaths secondary to car accidents, GNK Foundation decided to promote road safety awareness amongst the Lebanese children and adolescents through a unique educational facility - GNK Traffic Academy. I am confident that this stellar project will drop the number of innocent young deaths on the unsafe Lebanese roads. As a Board member, I pride myself in being a part of this noble and humanitarian Foundation and I do hope that we will be able to create a real difference to the better in those around us.

Mrs. Sabine Nassif Bio Sketch: Mrs. Sabine Nassif is a housewife and a mother of 3 children. She is closely involved and deeply committed to multiple humanitarian projects in El Koura and North Lebanon. She is a role model for a lady who combines in an efficient way her family and her social responsibilities.

Testimonial: What should I write or say about my experience at GNK Foundation. Let me start by our dear Georges. He is a sacred and continuous flame raging in our hearts and an angel who instills in us love and giving. This angelic boy made us experience the true meaning of love. When you experience it, you will know that love isn’t a meaningless word; love means innocence, sacrifice, patience and fortitude. When the great Adlette lost her son Georges, she refused to submit to death, for she grew up in a decent believing home which taught her the culture of life. If you really wish to see the spirit of death, open the doors of your heart to the day of life because life and death are only one, just like the river and the ocean. She made Georges a flame she lights up in the hearts of patients and those who are suffering, to cure the children, understand the elderly and help the poor who are exhausted from poverty, disease and weight of life. What to say after the elapse of ten years? God added fortitude, humility, service, faith and meekness to this Foundation and blessed us with the establishment of the first traffic academy to teach children ethics of traffic and proper driving in order to avoid losing innocent souls like Georges’. All of the eternal pride and inner happiness and all of the beauty and kind spirit made me work with the kind people to experience the joy of giving and the positive energy which turned death into life. I thank God for meeting you, the great Adlette, you embraced me with a motherly affection and I wish that our Foundation grows even more and more with the grace of prayer and honesty so we overcome together all the difficulties and so Georges remains a bud we plant everyday in the body of children, which will bloom into colorful flowers and therefore we all become Georges.

Mr. Jacques Khoriaty Bio Sketch: Mr. Jacques Khoriaty holds a Master’s Degree in Air Transport Management from L'Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), Toulouse as well as a Bachelor Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the American University of Beirut. He is currently the Middle East & South Asia Aviation Director in Egis, a leading Global Infrastructure Operations, Consulting and Engineering firm in Paris. Mr. Khoriaty has significant knowledge in airport consultancy, engineering and operations with hands on experiences in Asia, Europe and South America. He is a founding member of GNK Foundation and is closely involved in Foundation activities since 2006.

Testimonial: The period following the loss of my brother Georges was extremely painful to me as it was for my family. The experience was crushing and devastating. Establishing GNK Foundation though and witnessing its multiple pioneering achievements over the past 10 years have transformed part of my deep seated grief into an inner satisfaction and further intensified my commitment to improving and saving young and promising Lebanese lives. The social responsibility instilled in me by my parents since early childhood and by my brother’s Foundation at a later stage has not only reflected positively on my surroundings but has nurtured me in so many ways. To all those who believed in GNK foundation, to every supporter, volunteer and employee, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for your dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. Without you, we would have never been able to succeed in this humanitarian mission.

Mrs. Rania Najjar Bio Sketch: Mrs. Rania Najjar Bachawati holds an MBA and MS Electrical Engineering Diploma from the University of Balamand (UOB). For the past ten years, she has been working as a computer analyst and lab supervisor in the field of Information Technology in the faculty of Business and Management at the UOB. Her experience in research and quantitative analysis has culminated in several publications. For three consecutive years, she has represented UOB in an international project led by the University of Poitier under the direct supervision of the European Union.
Apart of the professional work, Mrs. Najjar Bachawati is actively involved in several NGOs, local communities, and her hometown (Darchmezzine) municipality for several years. She strongly believes that there are “two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”.

Testimonial: Ten years ago and after the death of my charming cousin Georges in a car accident, GNK Foundation was established by Georges’ parents who wanted to enlighten the darkness surrounding patients and to protect the lives of new generations through health and road safety education. GNK Foundation is the lighted tree of the names of fighters against diseases that afflicted them and they win the battle. It is hope and building rather than crying and yielding. Today after 10 years of its life, GNK Foundation is culminating its achievements by the launching of GNK Traffic academy, a unique educational facility with modern and highly developed tools to spread road safety awareness amongst children and adolescents all over Lebanon. Congratulations to El Koura, North Lebanon and to Lebanon for this exceptional achievement

Friends and Supporters of GNK

Dr. Hela Najjar holds a PhD in translation theories from ETIB, Saint Joseph University. She joined the University of Balamand in 1998, and is currently the chairperson of the Department of Languages and Translation. Dr. Najjar is a very active person who is extremely involved in various university tasks and other social activities. She believes that a woman should keep a balance between her family, her work, and other social engagements as they are all of great importance, complement each other and reflect positively on the wellbeing of individuals and society

“I wish life was free of pain and grief. I admire this great lady who could transform one painful accident into a project to save thousands and millions of lives. I have always looked up to you Dr. Adlette, as my role model in life. I am ready to embark with you on any venture. Your dedication, your positive energy and fruitful ideas make GNK so special and unique. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of this amazing team and to participate in realizing the mission of GNK Foundation."

Mrs. Chirine F. Fakhreddine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Major in Hotel Management from the University of Balamand. She is the head of public relations department at Palma Beach resort, Tripoli and is an active member in the Red Cross in North Lebanon.

We all need to be aware of what others are achieving, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.
Thank you GNK. We deeply value your serious and humanitarian work.

Dr. Joseph Rachkidi received his Medical Degree and C.E.S in Pediatrics from Tour, France. He has a C.E.S in War Medicine, was Clinical Chief of Pediatrics at Clocheville, Tours and had several consultant positions in Pediatrics in France. He is a faculty member at the Schools of Public Health in the Lebanese and Saint Joseph Universities and is the Head of Pediatrics at Nini Hospital. Dr Rachkidi has participated and coordinated multiple global and local meetings and is involved in national neonatal research projects.
Dr Rachkidi is one of the founders and a previous President of the Pediatric Society of North Lebanon. He is a member of the committee for eradicating poliomyelitis and the committee of infectious diseases in the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. He officially represented Lebanon in multiple WHO and UNICEF poliomyelitis meetings.

What I am writing is what I feel and read in my heart every time my eyes lay down on a member of the Khoriaty or Inati families or even when I see or notice the logo of GNK Foundation which made serving humans and especially children their ultimate goal.
This Foundation was established 10 years ago after the sudden and painful loss of the young Georges in 11/10/2005, in order to outbreak the potentials of the parents, the family and even friends. So the humanitarian and academic work, medical researches and social projects began to see the light day after day and year after year, making GNK Foundation a sophisticated and successful Foundation which deserves all the appreciation and contribution and further support and giving. May Georges remain alive in us through the childhood and human service offered by the Foundation carrying his name.

Mrs. Nana Frangieh Nader holds a Diploma and a Masters’ Degree in translation from the University of Balamand (UOB). She has worked in the fields of translation at AL- Nashra web site and administration at UOB. Mrs. Frangieh Nader was born in a traditional family and thus embraces family bonds; she is an amateur photographer who transformed her two little girls’ photos into a piece of art photography scenes.

I adore Dr Adlette as a person, a doctor, a goodwill ambassador and a mother who dedicated her life to saving other people lives by creating GNK foundation to overcome her shocking loss in a positive and educative way. GNK Foundation provides guidance route to shape the mind of future Lebanese generation not only in road safety but also as a discipline and way of life. I feel very blessed to be part of GNK Foundation.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum at GNK Traffic Academy is designed to meet a set of learning objectives that aim at educating children aged 3-18 years about the ethics and rules of road safety and at instilling awareness throughout the three different age levels (3-9, 10-13 and 14-18 years). It consists of 63 lessons covering key road safety topics and adopts traffic lights as an educational tool that produces certain desired actions. Educational activities will not be limited to classroom but will extend to the traffic garden.

Traffic Light Process

Level 1: Children aged 3-9 years
The red signal signifies that children at this age should be limited in action in road traffic settings. Children in that level are confined to adult supervision and companionship.

Level 2: Children aged 10-13 years
Just like this age group signifies, the yellow color highlights a transitory phase in which students will learn to adapt to road traffic situations and regulations. In this phase of road traffic education, children will be prepared to think appropriately in terms of awareness and road traffic safety as they get ready to independently move on to the next phase.

Level 3: Children 14-18 years
This educational phase is the most crucial mainly because students at this age feel that they are their own masters and that they are ready to move on. The educational program at GNK Traffic Academy will aim at taming these instinctive impulses to follow dangerous trends such as racing, texting and driving, distracted driving, drinking and driving and so on.. mainly this phase approaches children with the immediate consequences of the various kinds of road accidents instilling in them a sense of awareness that will guide them through and teach them how to make good decisions regarding road traffic safety.

Curriculum Delivery

The curriculum will be delivered by a group of certified experienced educators who will follow the below steps and approaches:

Students are given an interactive presentation about traffic and road signs and videos highlighting the major causes of car accidents and ways of prevention.

Students will drive a classroom simulator with multiple driving scenarios under the supervision of instructors. French designed ECO-FAROS simulators will be used to enhance the quality of instruction introduced at the Academy and will contextualize the use of simulator education in traffic education.

Students will drive electric BIRO cars under the supervision of coaches and follow multiple driving and pedestrian scenarios. They will learn about road markings, traffic signals and signs, crossing road activities, pedestrian safety and scenarios where they role play to convey the fundamental themes of the curriculum and desired and undesired behavior in road traffic settings.

students answer a set of questions aimed at assessing their baseline and newly acquired road safety knowledge.

Scores obtained at all 5 educational steps will be collected and a certificate documenting completion of the course will be issued.


The curriculum is accredited by IWA2:2007 (international workshop agreement 2). I will also be accredited in Summer 2017 by ISO 9001:2015

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Click on Registration button on website
  2. Choose whether you are an individual or organization
  3. Fill in the personal information required, and the date you would like to attend our full-day session at the academy
  4. Confirmation will be within the next 24 hours

Each student or applicant will be given a personal username and password in which he/she will have access to online lessons on Moodle. Moreover, the username and password provided will ensure that each student has access to all on-campus computer based and simulator sessions, and will be able to sit for the KAM (Knowledge Assessment Module). After attending to all of the requirements, each applicant will be evaluated and given a certificate for his/her participation in our program.

You can reschedule or cancel your course online at gnktrafficacademy.org or by phone by calling GNK Traffic Academy at Telephone: 06 954074

Prior to Course Day (72 hours prior preferably), view your profile on gnktrafficacdemy.org to make sure your registration information matches your identification. If you have any questions or believe your appointment details are incorrect, please contact GNK Traffic Academy immediately: www.gnktrafficacademy.org or call us on: 06 954074

Leave as many of your personal belongings as possible at home. Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Present proper identification. Lock all valuables and belongings in the space provided at the academy. Follow all other instructions provided by the instructors and academy staff.

Student Based Questions

Moodle is a free and open-source software learning management system. Developed on pedagogical principles, Moodle is used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors. (Wikipedia)

We seek to provide online courses for applicants, students, and their families to raise awareness and instill road safety measures and rules. Moodle (acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) allows us toextend our learning and knowledge objectives to reach every home and family. Even after completion of our session, applicants can have access to our Moodle lessons upon signing in.

  1. Sign-in using username and password provided upon registration
  2. Select the PDF file
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  • Access to our Moodle files
  • Name enlisted in invitees list to all road safety awareness events. Messages will be sent to applicants to inform them of our upcoming events

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